Rules and Routines

Rules & Discipline Plan

In all three third grade classrooms, we follow Valle Vista’s three rules for BEST Behavior:  Be responsible.  Be respectful.  Be safe.  We have also added Be Flexible and Be Productive. On the first day of school, the students articulated ways these rule will be observed and honored over the course of our year together.  Their ideas included talking when appropriate, listening to teachers and classmates when they are talking, keeping your hands and feet to yourself, and doing your work to the best of your ability all the time. 

Clothespin System
Each student has a clothespin with his/her number on it.  All students begin the day with their clothespins on 0.  When students arrive to school on time and prepared, they move their clips up to 1. Throughout the day, they have opportunities to move the clothespins up (to 1, 2, or 3) and/or down (to -1, -2, or -3) depending upon their adherence to the class rules.  At the end of the day, students record their point totals in their planners

Moving Up & Down
Specific actions that will be rewarded by moving a clothespin up and actions requiring the consequence of moving a clothespin down will be decided upon by the students on the first day of school and will be revised periodically throughout the school year. 


If the student ends their day on +3, they get to choose a reward coupon. When a student has accumulated 12 points in a week, he/she gets a homework pass. The homework pass excuses a student from one night's homework.

If a student ends his/her day on -3, he/she must fill out the parent contact form explaining the reasons he/she ended the day on -3.  The form home must be signed by a parent and returned the following day.  If on -2, the teacher chooses the appropriate consequence.

Bucket Filling
In addition to the clothespin system, we hold class meetings as needed to resolve conflicts and to share Bucket Filling cards. If students have a compliment to pay a fellow classmate, he/she may fill out a Bucket Filling card and put it in the corresponding student’s bucket.  We read Bucket Filling cards just before dismissal at the end of the day.  The recipient of the Bucket Filling card may choose to have the card posted on the Bucket board or take it home.


Homework & Reading Plans

Students are given homework Monday - Thursday in a homework packet in order to practice and reinforce lessons taught in class.  Topics could include spelling, math, reading, language arts, writing, and sometimes social studies or science.  Homework is to be completed each day, and the packet is to be returned to school daily.  Class work that is not complete by Friday becomes homework and is to be returned on Monday.

Students receive a point for each nightly homework assignment that is turned-in on time and complete.  If a student returns a homework assignment that is incomplete or has not shown his/her work, they will need to complete it by Friday in order to receive credit. On the math portion of the homework, students are to show their work.


Homework does not count toward subject areas grades, but is reported in the area of "Life Long Learning Skills." 

In addition to daily homework, students are responsible for reading at least 30 minutes a night.  On the homework planner sheet, students record what they read in order to complete AR quizzes in class the next week.   


Reward & Incentive Participation Eligibility

This year, your child will have many opportunities to celebrate success and be proud of positive choices made in our classroom.  Some of these opportunities include class point parties, AR reward time, and our grade-level barbecue.  In order for your child to participate in these exciting events, he/she must be up-to-date on homework, class work, and AR.  If your child is not current, he/she will spend the reward time catching up.

Celebrating Birthdays

Everyone loves a great birthday celebration, but with food allergies and time constraints, it is becoming increasing challenging to celebrate with cupcakes, cookies, and other treats.  Because of this, we are doing something a little different this year.  In celebration of your child's birthday, I will continue to give each child a bookmark and let them choose a prize from our treasure chest, but if you would like bring something for the class, I ask that you choose from the following options:

  • Donate a book or learning game to the class
  • Donate a book to the school library
  • Bring a goody bag of school supplies or small prize-type toys for each student
  • Bring a birthday or decorative pencil for each student

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Before the School Day Begins

Students are allowed to play on the blacktop before the school day beginning at 7:55.  There is no supervision outside our classroom door, so please remind your child that he/she may not wait by the classroom door or leave any backpacks on the sidewalk by the door even if he/she is with a parent.  Once the whistle blows at 8:10, students may line up outside our door.  Please give hugs, kisses, and well wishes before your child enters the classroom so that he/she may get unpacked and start working before the 8:15 bell rings.  If all students are in their seats when that bell rings, the class will earn marbles.


Uniform Policy

  • Bottoms:  Navy blue pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers
  • Shirts: Hunter green or white polo, button-up, Peter Pan blouse, or turtle neck with the Valle Vista logo or no logo at all
  • Sweatshirts/Sweaters:  Hunter green sweatshirts or smanwithhatweaters with the Valle Vista logo or no logo at all
  • Shoes:  Close-toed shoes, no sandals or heel-less shoes
  • Hats:  No hats permitted