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At Home Projects and Handouts

Family Projects In hopes of bringing some of the fun back to school projects, you will have one family project to complete each trimester. Take a deep breath; they really will be fun! You will have a month or two to complete each project and will have tons of freedom to let your creativity flow. The projects will be counted as homework and be scored on our participation scale of O, S, N, U. For the first trimester, you will have a choice of three book report project options. They are the Biography Triarama, the Cereal Box Book Report, and The Puppet Book Report. Each project requires you to read a book of your choice (it must be a biography for the triarama) twice and complete a project that demonstrates your understanding of the book. Specific directions for each of the choices are attached to this letter. In the second trimester, you will make a Flat Stanley character and take him with you on family adventures. For that project, you will have many options for sharing the adventures on which you go. For example, you could make a journal, a slideshow, a poster, a collage, or even your own Flat Stanley book. The third and final project will be the Young Author’s Faire Book. For this project, you will write, illustrate, and compile a book about anything you want, fiction or non-fiction. We will share the books with our class and choose the top five to go on to the Valle Vista Young Author’s Faire. Some of those winners may even continue on to the Santa Clara County Young Author’s Faire! Specific directions for the Flat Stanley Adventures and Young Author’s Faire Book projects will be sent home on the dates below. You may also access directions and scoring guides on our class website.