Mrs. D. Dairo

Mrs. Dairo
Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Dolores M. Dairo
2-3 Special Day Class
Valle Vista

This is my 18th year with Mt. Pleasant School District. I have deep roots with this school district, I went to Robert Sanders Elementary and was part of the first class to graduate from August Boeger. I also attended Mt. Pleasant High School and still live in this areas.Some of the things I enjoy doing are camping, gardening, fishing, and road trips. Also, I love dogs, I have a 16 year old Australian Shepherd and a 5 year old German Shepherd. I have 3 boys and 2 grandchildren. This year I am currently teaching a 2-3 Special Day Class at Valle Vista. We will be working hard right from the beginning of school in order to make sure we are ready to take our CST tests in April. We will be working hard to get all students at grade level learning. I love what I do and I will work individually with each child so as to make sure your child will be successful. We want to thank all parents in advance for working with us in the education of your child. With the economy the way it is, we look forward to receiving any support you may be able to offer both in and out of the classroom. edmodo